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CR Speed Model G vs WSM II holster ?

I recently tore the rotator cuff in my shooting shoulder and find it almost impossible to draw from my high-ride leather pancake holsters, and some what painful to draw from my Comp-tac belt holster. However once my Glock G34 and G35 are clear of the holster I can shoot a string without a problem. Due to work commitments I won't be able to have the shoulder repaired until the first of the year, but I don't want to lose the summer shooting season. I was thinking of backing away from IDPA in favour of shooting GSSF with my G22 and USPSA Limited with my Glock 35 (major pf). I thought I might use a CR Speed holster for USPSA due to it's low mount on the belt and short draw.

I found two versions of the CR Speed holster for my Glock, the "Model G" and the "WSM II". Both holsters seem to serve my needs, but the Model G is available from Brownells for $110 vs the WSM II which seems to go for between $162 and $180+ depending on the dealer. I understand that there is a little more range of adjustment with the WSM II, but the Model G seems to have the correct drop from the belt and adjustable rake. Is there a reason to not save the 50 to 70 bucks and just go with the Model G? I have tried to search for reviews for the Model G but can not find any on the web. Thanks.

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