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Does joining now using the current GT Lifetime Membership offer receive these benefits?
I just received my package (it took a few weeks) and the GlockTalk hat is impressively embroidered and well done, as is the knife with the logo. It's a smoking deal - and I'm glad to help in supporting the site.

I also am unable to locate what specific benefits the various tiers or lifetime membership confer upon the subscriber. I sent two E-mails during the subscription process and haven't received an answer yet. I haven't really checked on any particular aspects of my account status - but I know my user name changed font and color!

BTW, Thank's, Eric, for the great job you do for the community.

Edited to add - My account seems to be updated. PM count went up significantly.

I've also received an encrypted map with directions to the secret clubhouse, instruction on the secret handshake, requirements of double secret probation, an invitation to the studio where they filmed the actual moon landing, a pass good for one tour of Area 51, a glimpse at BHO's birth certificate and an H1N1 vaccination package good for the entire family.

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