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Yea this doesn't sound right. You may need to tear down the whole rifle and carefully put it back together. I would also clean the barrel very thoroughly, especially the first inch or two after the chamber. Not just run some wet patches or a bore snake. Crud may have built up inside and it is quite difficult to remove.

Check that the muzzle crown hasn't been dinged up. Also, it is nearly impossible to shoot well with the factory trigger pull. It is very bad and will not permit accurate groups. The easiest way to fix this is with an aftermarket hammer which cost about $30.

Try some different ammo and a different scope/rings set up. Make sure all the screws are tight: the 2 barrel screws, the stock screw, the scope mount screws and the scope ring screws.

A 10/22 with a scope (off a bench rest with a reasonable trigger) should shoot close to 1" at 50 yards. If not then something is wrong. Could be ammo, the scope or the rifle itself. I always bring several types of .22lr ammo to the range because they all behave so differently.

The other day I was shooting one of my 1022's at 50 yards. It is all stock except for the hammer. Using better (but not really good) ammo I was getting mostly 1" groups. Oddly, some of the best groups came using Remington Golden Bullets. Or they would have been the best groups except for about one in ten that was a total flier. I could hear and feel the difference with these under-loaded rounds.

Anyway, you may identify the problem or maybe not. But hopefully just re-assembling the rifle will correct whatever was going on. And shooting different ammo. Its not just a bad rifle, there has to be a cause for this somewhere. Good luck!
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