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Originally Posted by DrMark View Post
...unless you are not an Arizona resident, as I understand it.

Please someone correct me if I am mistaken.
You're mistaken. AZ law applies when you're in AZ, just as VA law applies to me should I visit there. Serious question: How could you think that you have criminal immunity just because you're passing through?

There are two sections of laws in play. One set applies to businesses that have a liquor license. 4-244.29 states that it's illegal to carry into a licensed establishment, unless you have a CCW. 4-229 allows the establishment to opt out of that and prohibit essentially all weapons with signage.

13-1502 is the trespass law, and applies to any person who enters property after reasonable notice prohibiting entry. Yes, this applies to conditional things, too. If the sign says "Employees Only" and you go there, it's trespass. If the sign says "No guns" and you take one there, it's trespass.

At the root of things is respect for property rights. I've read plenty of posts where people say, "Well, those signs carry no legal weight in my state" or "The sign has to conform to this wording or that dimension". That strikes me as childish and disrespectful; the guy who runs the place doesn't want you in it, or doesn't want you in it while armed. Don't go. Don't be looking for a weasle escape, just don't go.

Back to the post. If you come to AZ, we'll treat you like an adult and expect you to act like one. Play nice with others and respect their property.
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