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Question(s) on Martial Arts training.

Ok. I'm veering off the beaten path a bit here, but from my experience as a shooter I know that a lot of shooters and trainers (especially police trainers that teach at police academies) also often teach defensive techniques, submission holds, arm locks, etc.

The world of martial arts, it seems has more "styles" and disciplines than there are shades of blue.

My questions:

  • What discipline are you a student under?
  • What is the level of training required to be fully recognized as an "instructor", a "master"?
  • What is that level of training required to attain the higher tier/ranking? Is it number of years studying? Number of years studying + teaching? Or some combination of other things?
  • What are the requirements for testing, and / or promotion for a higher rank?
  • How is your discipline set up to absorb someone else from another discipline, with or without rank?
  • Is your martial arts discipline recognized by some national or international council? If yes, what is that council?
It takes on average, 2000 contact hours to gain a 4-yr college degree (1hr/week * 16 weeks = 1 college credit; 120 credits to graduate = 1920hrs). Of course, it is assumed that for every hr in the classroom, another 2-3hrs of non-classroom study/research/work is required, which means a year of college (if done right) is ROUGHLY equal to a year's worth of employment (1920 hours /40hrs week = 48 weeks) using a 1:3 ratio of class time : study time ()

How many hours on average, does it take for you - in your discipline to progress from "non-ranking" to the 1st rank? For each successive rank?

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