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What discipline are you a student under?
I started in Taekwondo (actually Tangsodo but that's a long story) in college.
it took 4 years to make black. 2 workouts a week, 1 hr per workout. After that I took me 3 years to make second black. Something like 3 years to make third. About another six to make forth. And another 10 I made 5th. I've been in TKD for over 30 years.

What is the level of training required to be fully recognized as an "instructor", a "master"?
Sixth black is master. 4th and 5th is 'instructor' and is considered an expert.

What is that level of training required to attain the higher tier/ranking? Is it number of years studying? Number of years studying + teaching? Or some combination of other things?
First age... yes age. You can't even make master until you are at least 35 years old, no matter how long you have been in or how good you are. Second you have to pass test of the physical abilities and knowledge of the art. This includes things like forms (patterns), sparring, board breaking (including jump kick, as you notice my avatar shows me doing a jump back kick), 'one step sparring', and self defense. The higher you go the more complex the forms, sparring (two or three at once), self defense, etc… are. And yes, long before you make master you run the classes.

What are the requirements for testing, and / or promotion for a higher rank?
Oh man... that would take a book all in itself!

How is your discipline set up to absorb someone else from another discipline, with or without rank?
You start at the bottom. But after the first test, depending on how much skill is showen at the techniques used in THIS art, you may get promoted up. But I can assure you it's never to the same rank as you were in another art!

Is your martial arts discipline recognized by some national or international council? If yes, what is that council?
I'm recognized by both the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) and the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF). Happly my master is a master in both, in fact General Choi Hong Hi tested my master for 2nd black long time ago (the General is theo one who founded the ITF.) And that is why our forms below black belt are ITF (and awfully close to TSD forms) and WTF at 1st black and above.

Plus I'm VERY active in Krav Maga. And they have their own multiple 'Krav Maga' systems and fractures like TKD does (and most martial arts systems!) And KM has their own test for their levels (and it's a tough multi-hour test mind you.) But KM is not an art like TKD at all. No Hebrew, no forms, no oath or tenants.

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