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Originally Posted by MTPD View Post
There is nothing wrong with martial arts training. I was a 4 year varsity wrestler in HS and it was a valuable experience.

However, I have personally known several martial arts instructors (Karate) and all of them carried concealed. That suggested to me that even martial arts "experts" weren't comfortable going unarmed.
Been under three Grand Masters MTPD. All three Koreans. One, John Chu, an Korean officer in their Air Force before coming to USA. My present GM was a ROK in Vietnam.

And the two military ones owned guns. In fact one time Chu said to the class, "Man with good arms but does not know how to punch has nothing. Man with good legs but does not know how to kick has nothing. Man with gun, but does not know how to shoot, has nothing."

Oh, and yes I pack! Hands and feet are last ditch defense. I'll use a beer bottle or a rock if I can get one (especially if that other guy is BIG.)

Who the heck is Jack Bauer?
Oh and MTPD.. google Jack Bauer.

But I'll say this..One time Chuck Norris bragged he shot 15 terrorist and ran out of bullets. Jack Bauer retorted he shot 94 terrorist and ran out of terrorist.

“We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality” Ayn Rand

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