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thanks for posting, and those Jennings were neat little guns back in the day.

in the 80's i had a chromed one, loaded it with Rem. Hyper Velocity Vipers. tried CCI Stingers but the spent case would some times catch in the ejection port.....Stingers have a longer than usual casing ya know.

anyway, i know more folks out there have them, embarrased to admit it, Raven .25, Jennings .22, lorcin .380, Davis .32, ive had all of these....and some "name" brands that were lousy too.....but thats another story.

trying to keep true to the forum, this is not reserved for what a gun enthusiast would call SNS, being the chino valley calif. made guns and the like, but for every gun the democrats would cast in the pit regardless of quality.

Seecamp, Baby Browning, Beretta, Bauer, any quality little pocket auto, even the knock off wheelies like the RG 10, 14 aka "Rosco",....lets see'em.
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