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Originally Posted by MTPD View Post
Holy Cow Deaf! That's not a sport, that's an occupation or a fanatical quasi-religion!
It is a way of life. But don't think I walk around at night wearing a black belt or orental style cloths or look like a ninja, thats for people like Steven Seagal.

But I was lucky. When CHL first started here in Texas I became more and more orientated toward self defense. Both at shooting and martial arts. This is why I do IDPA and Krav Maga as well as TKD. All my workouts, gym or dojo/dojang, are self defense orientated. I am no preening weight lifter who looks in the mirror all the time (but I wish I had a body like Bruce Lee had!)

Some people like to play golf, others tennis, but my fun is combat shooting and self defense training. I’d be bored out of my gourd sitting around a golf course. Now a beach with a bunch of young lasses… that's another matter!

Originally Posted by MTPD View Post
I can only imagine how good combat shooters would be with that much training!!!!
Two words... Rob Leatham, or maybe Ed Mcgivern. And if all the training was self defense orientated and not fancy show stuff or games, they would be greased lighting and tough to beat by anyone.

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