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Originally Posted by Deaf Smith View Post
I actually AGREE! Fitness is very important.

Once at an Isshinryu school a woman told me that size and strength does not matter. Yea, she really believed that.

But if that didn't matter, why does Boxing, wrestling, MMA, even martial arts tournaments have divisions? Why do the women not spar the men?

We all here know the answers. Yes skill is important, but size, strength, stamina, and such all matter. The more fit you are the better off you are.

In HS & college wrestling there are weight classes, and very seldom is anyone in a lighter class able to beat a heavier opponent.

Our heavyweight was twice state champion and took 2nd place in the olympic try-outs. Since we didn't have any other heavyweights our coach would either wrestle the heavyweight himself in practice or have 2 of us lighter guys wrestle him at the same time. The heavyweight always won, even against strong two-at-a-time oppopnents.

In H2H, size and strength matters! Combat shooting? Now that's a different story. Years ago when I was still doing IPSC I had a Team S&W female pro-shooter beat me all the time.
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