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Originally Posted by HK Dan View Post
Drew, Marc Denny & Gabe Suarez saved my life. Recently.

This is from their "Die Less Often" series. No details, as I have been mirandized over the incident.

I am a FIRM believer in martial arts as a prime (first) technique in dealing with problems of this sort. If you're not, you aren't thinking clearly. DLO shows CLEARLY that if your prime response to a knife attack is drawing your gun, you're already meat on a slab. They show you plainly how it'll happen and how to prevent it,and IT WORKS.

I would be interested in hearing about your situation as well, when the dusts settles.

I'm as guilty as anyone else deviating from a stated topic or question , and I don't have any compelling need to WISH to impose strict parameters on anyone wanting to talk about stuff outside the subject area. So yeah, when you can talk about it, I am in!

As for your perspective. The term "martial" is usually associated with characteristic befitting a warrior (, so any type of defensive/offensive skill is better than nothing, I agree. Any skill that begins to condition your mind that you might be an intended victim of attack, is going to help your self-awareness, and hopefully kick start the development of your "warrior" (never give up, never quit, fight to dominate, to win, to crush) mentality.

I was (and still am) seeking out questions from those folks who are involved in martial arts, at that level where they can provide some sort of comprehensive response, as Deaf did. I didn't know where else of GT to post this...

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