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Originally Posted by rwheet View Post
I don't want to push. But could you give us the story behind this. I have trained with Marc Denny twice. And can affirm that he is a awesome teacher. Your experience could all so help some one else.
I know, I know. I've been mirandized for the assault and I really don't want the prosecutor to be able to say "And then he bragged about it on the internet!"

Suffice it to say that a guy pulled a gun on me, told me I was about to get shot, and Marc Denny's training saved my life and his. I don't think he'll ever step in close and make a threat again (bad call). The local sheriff knows what happened, and told me I did a good job, but mirandized me for my statement just the same. I think I'll keep 'er close to the vest for a minute.


Btw--I called Marc and thanked him personally. He has the full story and has asked for a write up when the time comes. He'll have it first!
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