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Originally Posted by Hedo1 View Post
Here's my observation on martial arts and hand to hand combat in general. Learn a few good techniques and become very adept at them. Really learn to throw a punch correctly, learn an arm bar technique and a few chokes and escapes. It takes time to learn them all and compete. You are better off learning a few things and practicing them often.
I agree!

Originally Posted by Hedo1 View Post
Another thing I've observed is the first punch ends the fight 95% of the time. Most people give up after one punch because they've never been hit hard before. I've never seen an untrained person take a 3 punch combination from an amateur boxer with some skill and not go down.
I just pray all I meet are untrained thugs! But yes, a good 3 punch combination from someone how knows how to punch well will do the trick. My TKD master I know does not like my boxing methods I use for punches instead of TDK punches, but while I feel legs are more powerful than arms there are just so many times in a true SD situation you can't throw those kicks and you really need some good hands. And I don’t mean fast flippy weak hits, I mean real hard punching done with good body weight behind the punches.

Originally Posted by MTPD View Post
In H2H, size and strength matters! Combat shooting? Now that's a different story. Years ago when I was still doing IPSC I had a Team S&W female pro-shooter beat me all the time.
And that is why Col. Colt called it the 'Great Equalizer'!

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