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* What discipline are you a student under?

Muay Thai, currently. MT and Arnis soon.

* What is the level of training required to be fully recognized as an "instructor", a "master"?

I'm no where near instructor level. My instructor (Kru) has 20 years of study and just started training on his own 2 years ago. Previously, he was training with his Master.

* What is that level of training required to attain the higher tier/ranking? Is it number of years studying? Number of years studying + teaching? Or some combination of other things?

We do not use a belt system.

* What are the requirements for testing, and / or promotion for a higher rank?

I don't know exactly. Of the 4 Krus here in town, all were appointed so by the same Master, and all have 15+ years. So, I assume it was just a certain level of proficiency they had to prove to the Master. There are a few other MT instructors in town, but most are associated with the new crop of MMA type gyms and most/all are just generic kickboxing.

* How is your discipline set up to absorb someone else from another discipline, with or without rank?

All start with basic strikes. I think Muay Thai striking takes on very different technique than than other styles so, so new students from other arts get frustrated with relearning, say, a round house kick.

* Is your martial arts discipline recognized by some national or international council? If yes, what is that council?

Don't know. Don't care.

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