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OA I would love to tell you 100% of the time. But that would be in my mind impossible. My senses get heightened when I'm in a strange place. I do try and be vigilant in my awareness but life gets in the way some times. I always try and look for the out of place, the group I'd rather not face, the type of places (not well lit, lots of low life, ect...) that I don't want to be around. I try to avoid these situations.
With our problems out here near the border, I think I'm much more vigilant doing small things. Yard work, walking out to my truck, hearing our dog bark. I have caught trespassers, so far just had to approach and ask them to leave. I have called the police....their answer "how do you know they are illegal?" OK no more calls to the police, just make them leave our property. They did pick up 22 illegals the other day right in my drive way. I would guess 99% are here to find work, its that 1% I worry about. They have found America to be easy pickings! Not nice to deal with criminals that really have nothing to lose. Jail is better then the places they grew up in!
After my buddy and his wife where out scouting antelope and illegals tried to carjack them on a dirt road. I carry at least 2 guns 24/7. I have had freinds shot at by drug and human smugglers.
I do have to say all these experiences have made me much more aware of my surrounding. Places I never worried about before. I even CCW when out shooting in the desert.

I wonder how they'd cope, if they're not capable of reacting fast enough to unexpected threats...
All I can say to that is train to be the best you can be. When some thing happens, keep fighting and don't stop to the situation is finalized. You have one advantage, they don't know your CCWing. Take any advantage you can get, cover, dirty tricks, what ever. In a fight for your life or your families life there is no such thing as a fair fight. Your only purpose is to win and survive! Mind set can be a winning factor.
Just my 2 cents, I do love hearing from the guys that say they are 100% aware all the time, I don't know how thats possible. You have to sleep and relax sometime!
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