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Interesting what sparks situational awareness in people.

Just got a call from my daughter (who is headed over to retrieve her guns and some ammo from my safe) describing what just happened to her next door neighbor. Who is home most of the time with 5 small children, hubby works out of town a lot.
Well she just returned from her driven over, crunched mail box! Yesterday she had some scribbled nasty note from some loony tune, telling her to fix the broken door???? They just had a group home placed down the street full of section 8's. Whats bothering her is the box had her home address on the side of it so they know where she lives.
The neighbor called my daughter, then came over and showed her the note. Asked her to keep a watch out for weirdo's. The odd thing is both the neighbor and my daughter have lost 3 dogs in the last few days...wondering if someone is poisoning them???
I have instructed my daughter to have the neighbor call the Post Master General, and the Sheriff (so he can drive by).
It does amaze me how situational awareness in some people only comes about when scared or confronted. I know my daughter is cool headed, really don't know her neighbor. Funny thing, my granddaughter has better awareness then either of them. She has her 642 loaded in her night stand and her 10/22 mag loaded in the closet! I guess my granddaughters been hanging around me to long! But she is leaving for college in a few weeks and I want her prepared. Glad I've been taking my daughter and granddaughter out shooting a lot lately.
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