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Situational awareness probably requires a bit more effort for those who haven't been trained/required to use it extensively, but in general I would say the majority of people are pretty on the ball.

For example, I don't think I've met anyone over the age of 12 who doesn't unpurposely eavesdrop on conversations or size up the foot traffic at restaurants while they wait to be seated; immediately look at people who enter whatever gas station/mini-mart when they are standing in line to pay or even more so while they are paying; notice cars that drive through their neighborhood that they don't recognize from their street/neighborhood on a regular basis; and my personal favorite...the personal space factor: watch someone next time they pull money out of an atm, regardless of the time of day, most especially at night. Usually they look like fiends that are dodging cops and are about to get a fix.

I say usually because at night I have seen a number of typically younger crowds around bars/clubs that are usually hammered out of their minds or buzzed enough where they are only thinking about the butt that they are trying to land for that evening or whatever social shenanigans they are twittering about these days to fill in the blank.

In general, I think people subconsciously pay more attention then we realize, but don't recognize the actual threat until the SHTF. As much as I used to hate them when I was in college and shortly there after, God help me, I love my nosey-ass neighbors' wives, my fellow MIL/LE neighbors, the plethora of dogs that bark whenever the wind blows and lose their minds when something with two legs and a new smell are in the vicinity, the guys in their underwear looking out their windows at 2am when any motion lights go off or someone with bass drives down the street.

.02 if anyone cares...
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