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On your posts...

Gentlemen, Thank-you.

I've read and re-read each post, gleaning what I'd not considered, forgotten, didn't know, or had to re-assess.

The original post is/was important to me, as I get older, I may miss some of the nuances of an ever evolving/devolving society. I try to keep-up with trends, as I'm caregiver to my 89 year old mother, and frankly, don't get out nearly as much as I used to, or would like to... The elderly provide additional aspects of responsibility, when considering their safety. I'm only 60, but as they say, "it's not the years, it's the mileage." I used to be very active, and could run and gun all day. Those days, I'm afraid, are in the past.

Mobility is an "iffy" thing at best. I plan our short outings as best I can, being constantly on the alert, via the internet, having FNC constantly on in the background, and having a spare (?) eye on my iPhone for AccuWeather... I have my head on a swivel, when near crowds, always looking for exits/escape routes, and never letting Mom, my principal, out of reach. Med list always close to hand, along with her nitro pills, cell phone with local hospitals already mapped.

I have done protective work in the distant past, but that's just it, the past... Past experience is just that- past, and with no way to retrain, I'm relying on whatever intel I can glean on a daily basis. I have my CCW, my kit, and Mom's meds, and her kit. Plus the dogs, who're a comfort, as they have much better senses that I ever did...

Again, thanks for your input. My situational awareness will be more finely tweaked, because of your assist.

OA, out...
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