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My daughter did stop by and picked up her Python, and S&W Classic Hunter 44 mag, plus an extra 870 I had sitting around. I try never to force, but to teach by example. She has seen me with guns placed around the house, master bedroom as a safe room.
She did say yesterday, "kinda dumb leaving my guns in the safe...they sure wouldn't do me any good in there!" Then she asked where I would place the guns in the house, ect.... I think she is recognizing the world isn't all warm and fuzzy anymore.
I'm am glad to see her situational awareness start to peek out! Sent home a copy of Jeff Coopers "Principles of Self Defense" to read. I am more confident in my Granddaughters mind set then my daughters. I think the Mother factor would kick in with her.
Then my sister (very liberal) stopped by yesterday with her new boyfriend. Even she was talking about getting her and my niece into a CCW course and some extra training!!!!! Man the world must really be getting bad if my liberal sister wants to start carrying a gun!
It is nice to see people that probably have never heard of the term "Situational Awareness" display some. They are both looking at their environment differently now. Much more aware of what, who, when and where they are.
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