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Originally Posted by Glock-7 View Post
Jetguns has these for 434 shipped. Seems to be an excellent gun for the money - For those who have both the Metro Arms and the RIA tactical, what would be your preference between the two?

Also, what does the maker/import stamp read on the right side of the pistol at the top of the grip? Just curious.
It says "MetroArms Corp Manila Phils.
Imported by RSA Inc Ocean NJ

I bought the exact same gun this morning, Test fired by the factory 6/16/2010

After a quick cleaning I went from the gunshop to my range. I fired two magazines fairly rapidly to check functiob ing and was rewarded with 8 shots in an inch and a half at 8 yards, Shoots to point of aim, don't need to touch the sights. Then I had three students each shoot 16 rounds (none had shot handguns prior to today) all 16 rounds each were within 4 to 5 inch groups.

The trigger breaks at just over 5 pounds very little creep or over travel.

My other 1911 is a $1700.00 custom job, this one I paid $429.95 for.
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