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I've been known to stick my snub in my waistband when I'm going to another part of the house and my hands are tied up carrying other things but I would never trust leaving the house like that. No retention whatsoever, one weird movement stepping around, over, or having to run or jump and its on the ground. I suggest either getting a good holster whether it be iwb, owb, ankle or pocket and using it as it was intended, not a pocket holster shoved in your waistband, or go on and start preparing your story for when it flops out on the ground in public. As for the clipdraw, I can slightly see its application when it comes to a double action revolver but I've broke several screens in cellphones in my pockets before from running into corners of chairs and such and my luck it would catch the trigger with just enough force to fire the weapon. As far as clipdraw on a G19,, I'll keep an eye out for the thread about somebody loosing their pecker.
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