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Patrol Rifle Thoughts

We are about to loose our chief who has not wanted officers to have individual ARs on patrol. Now that a new, possibly more open minded, chief is coming we might be able to buy and carry our own. I wanted to pick your brain as to what should we look for when drawing up the policy. I and a few others have gone to Colt and ITRs AR-15 armorer's courses for the PDs pool guns (Colt LE Carbines) so we have a decent knowledge but not broad base of knowledge.

What kind of things should we require AR-15s to have? Such as twist rates, staked bolt keys, shot peened bolts, etc. that gets tossed around the web.

Twist rate? We currently issue 75gr Hornady TAP with Win 64gr Ranger as practice.

I hate to get into brand wars but any that are a "don't let your guys buy crap" warning?

Thank you in advance. I'm sure I will think of more or your answer will get me thinking.
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