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Originally Posted by CometPx4 View Post
I have my 20SF all set up with my lone wolf steel guide rod and Glock factory 6inch barrel. This morning i put 80 silvertips through it and a box of blazers. Didn't have time to chrono anything but the longer barrel seemed to tame the hell out of the recoil. Hits on the 12" steel gong at 100 yards were easy, and that thing really swung on a hit. Flawless functioning.

I love this pistol. I will post pics as soon as i can.

P.S. to the board member who asked about whether its time to get out of the 10mm i say don't- its a versatile high powered and accurate round.
I have a 6 inch Glock Barrel and it is awesome in either the 20sf or the standard frame G20. the 1.5 inches add more ft/sec and are more accurate than the 4.6 inch barrel. Not that the 4.6 leaves anything to be desired. I just traded my G29 for a G29sf on Saturday and am looking forward to firing that bad boy soon. The sf's feel so much better in my hand and I feel that they are more controllable with full house ammo.
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