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but in general I would say the majority of people are pretty on the ball.
I have a friend and have seen others do the same thing.While shopping they stick headphones on and walk around with their ipods and radio's turned on while going about their business like there isn't a care in the world.I see teen girls walk around texting when they should be looking out where they go.Just the the other night there was a 14-16 year old girl who ran into my shopping cart,didn't say anything just looked suprised and went on texting.I see parents who don't pay attention to their kids or anything else for that matter.I have walked up behind people and asked them if i can help them only to see them get wide eyed and say jes you scared me.

This is not situational awareness,this is code i don't care.When i push my kiddies through the store my wife leads with the kids in the middle and i follow.We don't have cell phones to our ears nor do have ipods.There is a 3 foot rule we go by and we expect people to maintain it.When walking in stores my wife and i aways turn sideways in the isles when we stop to pick something up so we can see either direction.

When we drive we don't like sitting/driving next to people for to long especially with really dark tinted windows.At night when pulling up to the lights we brake just back from the car next to us,i like to be able to see them and their back doors.If someone is in front of me at a light i leave at least 3 car lengths in case i have to make a's never a good idea to pull right up onto another car in case of an accident or robbery.

When at home i carry all the time,not while sleeping.We have set up 4 security camera's outside and 2 inside.Indoor camera 1 captured the back door and back hallway,camera 2 faces down and out from my bedroom down the front hallway and the front door. All of them have night vision and audio.We have a weiner dog who barks when something gets to close,even me when i come in late from work.In all the kids room's i have baby monitors turned on in case someone breaks in through a window at night.This will work also when the kids try to sneak out later,i'll have them on audio

At any given time i can look at my tv and see who is at my bedroom door or even who is at my front door without leaving my bed.Camera's work great if you have people coming to your door trying to convert you or sell you stuff.
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