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So why do you think 'they' are all from mexico? Just because they cross from Mexico makes them as Mexican as they are Texan if they cross through El paso onto Denver. An Lt. with the border patrol claims he has seen illegals there from 193 OTHER countries. While some argue that the greedy business men will hire them over Americans to save a buck, isn't that the American way...To make money? Besides, you don't see any of these Americans fighting tooth and nail for those hard, back breaking, outdoor in the hot ass sun that pay peanuts jobs any ways. Who here will leave their nice comfy desk job that pays 60k/yr for working in the fields 10-14 hours a day stooping over to pick things for minimum wage plus all the fries they can eat? I sure as hell won't. Make them documented somehow and make them pay taxes just the same! Make the EMPLOYERS have to pay those taxes too. I don't care if they are legal or not.
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