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G21 Durability??

I have one of the first series of Glock G21's into the US with an XL serial number. The only issue I had with it was chipping extractors in 1992 (FTE). Got that fixed and have only cleaned it 5 times since then with more than 20,000 rounds thru it mostly lead reloads (yes it will shoot hard lead 200Gr SWC's at 190PF) with no issues and no warranty issues. I am now abusing my G-35 with an after market fully supported chamber barrel at 170PF with 200Gr bullits in USPSA competetion. The reason for the G35 is 19+1 in the gun, the G21 is 15+1. More is better in competetion. I only clean a gun and then take it to the range to shoot it. How do you know your really clean gun will go BANG when you need it after cleaning it and not test firing it???
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