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I don't have a way to post photos.

I guess I will have to join the current century eventually. A decent camera and knowing how to use it would be a reasonable start.

In another platform, firing pin drag marks were an indication that the firing pin was being briefly held against the primer as the slide traveled to the rear and the barrel was beginning to link down. Thus leaving a 'drag mark' or 'smear' on the primer.

The fix in a low mass/short slide was an xp firing pin return spring and/or reduced power hammer/main spring.

I am real green where Glocks are concerned.

In another post, a gent named 'Butch' replied that, as the Glock firing pin tip was a chisel shaped affair, I might be describing a normal Glock firing pin indentation.

I simply, flat do not know.

Thanks for the reply.


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