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With what bullet? Hodgdon's website shows 9.8 gr of 800x as max with 155 gr XTP, 8.7 gr with 180 gr, and 7.8 gr max with 200 gr FMJ....; other loading sources may give higher loading data with other bullets, but, depending on your chosen bullet, you certainly don't have unlimited headroom left...

The KKM is usually known as a quality bbl, but, I'd avoid trying to duplicate .41 mag ballistics in it, and would reserve your max loads/hunting loads to brass relegated to using only once or twice... (Case head seps are no fun at all....)

Brass will only expand to fill the chamber; attempting to gauge pressure solely by case expansion by compare DT loadings in one case with custom powder blendings with your loadings in another could quickly lead to a blowout/destroyed frame, lost fingers, etc....
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