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GA Governor's race

Alright Georgians, who are you guys liking for the upcoming Governor's race?

2nd Amendment Stance as stated on their websites:

Karen Handel
Karen is a strong supporter of individual citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. She was born into a family of sportsmen and first fired a gun when she was eight years old. Karen opposes the re-imposition of the so-called “assault weapons ban,” which essentially seeks to ban rifles used for hunting and sport shooting as well as handguns used recreationally or for legitimate self defense. Karen understands that actual assault weapons are already banned by the 1968 Gun Control Act and that new bans are an attempt to deceive voters into believing that automatic weapons are currently legal. She supports the right of law abiding citizens to carry a concealed weapon and believes that obtaining a carry permit should not be made so onerous as to become a de facto ban on such permits
John Oxendine
The right to bear arms is one of the most fundamental freedoms afforded to law-abiding citizens in our country. The 2nd Amendment ensures that citizens have the ability to protect themselves and stand up against tyranny. I pledge to firmly defend this right for all Georgians.
I am proud to tout my life memberships with the National Rifle Association and , along with my memberships with the Georgia Sports Shooting Association and Gun Owners of America – I will carry the values of these fine organizations with me as your Governor.
Please see Point Nine of my Contract with Georgia for more details
Roy Barnes
No mention of the 2nd Amendment on his official website
Thurbert Baker
No mention of the 2nd Amendment on his official website BUT his voting record has been mostly friendly to the 2nd Amendment. The NRA gave Baker an A+ as well.
Anyone know how Barnes and Baker felt about SB308? That should tell us all we need to know from a 2A standpoint.

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