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Originally Posted by thooks View Post
As I read through this thread, it is very clear that America will continue to decline. Those of you who have posted in this thread who are trying to decide between Handel and Oxendine are the majority of the problem that is the contributing factor to the decline.

You're just like everyone else who fails and refuses to research the candidates.

There's what, 12+ people running for governor in GA and we'll end up with the worst choices come November. Why? Because the idiots who go to the polls who pull the lever for the persons who had the most signs out and who were on the newscast the most.

As far as me, I'd love to vote for Chapman or Johnson, but their poll numbers are terrible, mainly because the idiots who've the media has polled "didn't know who they were". Hell, that's a GOOD thing. They only know Handel, Oxendine and a little of Deal.

I guess I'm voting for Deal. I can't stomach having to vote for Barnes because Handel or Oxendine won the Pub nomination.

At any rate, we're screwed.
So you're saying that anyone who is looking at Handel or Oxendine is ignorant? Sounds to me like you are just pissed because your candidate can't get enough votes to make it in the primary.
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