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THE problem with our political system is the party system, how many of you have picked "your guy" to steal from Mr. Hooks, and have been running any and all other candidates in to the ground with talk of what is wrong with them, but will then vote for that person in November because they won the primary for "your party".

The fact of the matter is Parties are in business to remain in control over the business that is Government. Business is usually a good thing, but in this case it is horrible. Parties are what run this country and get things done, notice how the Republicans have changed their agenda all across the country. Three years ago you would have never heard a politician at the federal level mention States Rights, save Ron Paul. All the Republicans threw him under the bus as some crazy right winger during the presidential primaries. Now that same party is shouting States Rights left and right.

The problem lies with the lack of choice, I am only 26 so I haven't been voting but for 8 years. I can tell you I am tired of going to the polls and picking the lesser of two evils. Now if I am fed up after 8 years where the hell have you older generations been?

Georgia in particular is one of the most party happy states in that it is next to impossible for a third party/independent candidate to even get on the ballot. Its so ludicrous that if you aren't a dem/repub you have to pay more money. WTF over. We have allowed these parties too much control over our government, and us. The parties are not elected, they are a private entity, yet we have handed them our freedom.
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