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Originally Posted by Puppy View Post
I have had several over the years but my favorite is an el-cheapo 18" Corona, the co-molded rubber grip is comfortable & tacky enough that I can use it all day without having to wear gloves & the blade is hard enough to hold it's edge, yet soft enough is easily resharpen when needed.

I use machetes several times a year to clear out brush, saplings, etc that overgrow a couple sections of my property so lean more towards "practical" vs "tactical" & I heard that these Corona's are really popular in South America so I picked one up a couple years ago & have been very pleased for the measly 10 bucks that I spent on it.
Thanks. I'm not really look for "tactical" either. I've got plenty of gear to serve that purpose. I'm mainly looking for one that can hold up well for a long time. I want it to be comfortable to use...i.e., good grip. Probably a heavier blade than the el cheapo that I lost.
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