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After surveying in Florida for almost a decade I've had a ton of machete experience. The one I've used for the past seven years is not perfect, but has been great. I can't remember the brand. The only thing readable is the British steel stamp. I bought it at a flea market but its had thousands of hours of use. Holds a great edge, has some heft to it and Colombian style blade...Gonna have to dig up the name.

I know that doesn't help.

But this will.

Stay away from the cold steel Kukri machete. Bought one was a complete pos. Hard to sharpen and couldn't cut snot.

My K-Bar Kukri can chop a hog's head off. Is good for thick branches and heavy chopping. But it's edge is kind of soft and can nick. But you can sharpen it right out. It's with my BOB bag, smaller and easier to carry then my other machetes.

For general use I'd recommend a Colombian style blade. The best over all IMO.

ETA: there it is with the pink ribbon tied around it. My baby

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