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martindale, probably. I'd put it even with Collins, better than Tramontina, much better than Condor or Cold steel..

Martindale & Collins tied for first & second, Tramontina third & Gerber Gator 4th, and the big China machete they sell at Home Depot (orange handle guard) is HEAVY (but not extreme duty) for brush's about the quality of Cold Steel stuff. You can wedge the others into that list figuring price against quality, but if you're about serious business and don't want to buy but one this lifetime..

Collins or Martindale. They'll either one cost you double what the Gerber Gator does unless you just luck out. The Tramontina will be considerably less, close to the Gators cost. The thing that makes the Gator a bang/buck winner is that FUNCTIONAL sawback. That's extremely rare, & a feature that makes it worth hauling around.
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