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New to reloading the 10

Hello all, I am new to GT but not new to shooting or reloading. I recently picked up a 20SF and I added a wolf guide rod and 22# spring (KKM aftermarket barrel might be down the road). I quickly realized I would need to handload and reload considering the mild Remington UMC 180grainers were around $30/box. My current load is Nickel Starline brass, WLP, 180gr Nosler JHP with 9.0grs of Power Pistol. This was a good load and I worked up to it from 8.0gr inspecting each fired case for signs of over pressure. I do realize that this is over the published max of 8.7gr but I don't see really any signs of pressure with the stock barrel. The fired cases have a very slight bulge to them which is barely noticeable. My main questions are, how many reloads can I get out of this brass safely with the stock barrel and in your opinions is this a safe loading?

I am sorry I waited so long to get a 10mm. This is such a versatile and fun cartridge.
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