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Open Carry Stories and Experiences, Vol. II

Lets try this again.

Just post about your open carry experiences, any problems you had, and positive encounters with others.

If you want, describe your carry rig, how you dressed, time of day, frequency of carry in that location...any details that will help others decide whether open carry is for them.

Remember, Open Carry is NOT for everyone.

Laws restrict open carrying in certain jurisdictions.

If you disagree with open carry, that's fine, but this thread is NOT for arguing pro/con open carry. Any posts in that vein will be deleted and the author will receive an infraction for trolling.

If you want to debate Open Carry, express your negative views, please, we encourage you to start a new thread.

Also, if you want to discuss a post, to ask questions, quote the post and start a new thread in the main Carry Issues Forum.

Last, no bashing law enforcement.


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