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My most recent open carry experience was Monday when I openly carried to my fitness club and then to the local grocery store. As is normal, I had no comments and it didn't seem like anyone noticed. I've never had a negative comment when carrying openly, but have had some positive ones.

I usually carry semi-openly to my fitness club three times a week. I carry my G19 in my Sidearmor IWB holster. When I have my motorcycle jacket on, it is concealed, but when I take it off, it is visible. Only comments I've had at the fitness club have been positive. Several of us older folks that go to the fitness club own firearms and several, including women, pack. So, it seems it is not unusual for them to see a firearm. Even one retired USPS letter carrier from NYC has his CCW permit and has taken several firearms classes. When I first met him last fall on one of our monthly hikes, when I and one or two others carry openly, he said he was not yet used to seeing someone without a uniform carrying a firearm.
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