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I walked past an LEO today, he said "Hey, wait up." I kinda thought "awww, damn...." and turned around.

He asked, "what model glock is that?"
Me - "23 .40cal, I love it"
Him - "Hows the recoil with the compacts? I heard it's snappy"
Me - "I personally can't tell the difference, I don't like the subcompacts though.. don't like my pinky hanging off the grip"
Him - "Yeah, same. I love my 22, but I have a 19 for off-duty, I was thinking about getting the 23, and MAYBE the 27, I'd have to get those special mags for the grip"
Me - "I used to have a 22, it was hard to conceal though, otherwise I would have kept it, I loved that gun."
Him - "I've got pretty big hands, hows the grip, are the finger grooves spaced the same as the full size?"
Me - "Not sure, I can't tell the difference though"

etc.. etc.. etc.

He said that hes proud to see citizens carry, especially open. He said it makes his job easier and safer. He also said it keeps the 2A alive and strong.

(We continued talking guns for like 5-10 minutes)

We were standing out in the sun, at this point I was getting soaked in sweat, as it was atleast 105F today. I don't know how officers stand it in Tucson, wearing those dark blue/black uniforms. The motorcycle/bike cops get to atleast wear white. I was in a white T-shirt and I was frying.... I felt bad for the dude.

Told him it was nice chatting with him, and we went our separate ways. Super nice guy.

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