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Originally Posted by 1911austin View Post
I agree and wish OC was an option in Texas
Oh, it is...
Originally Posted by packsaddle View Post
I live in Texas and open carried for a little while yesterday, mainly from the kitchen to the living room.

I did receive one disapproving stare from a woman sitting on the couch, but I just ignored her (until she called me into the dining room for supper).

I was in Lewisville a couple of years ago. Went shopping for a lightweight jacket at a small men's store in one of shopping centers.

The lady there asked if she could help. We found a couple of jackets I liked. I asked her if I could use a changing room to try them on.

She looked me in the eyes and said, "You're carrying, aren't you. Don't worry, I'm part-owner of the store. There's no need to use a changing room."

So, I removed my suit coat and tried on the jackets.

She told me both she and her husband (other owner) both had CHL's as did many of their customers. She said they had sold the store and did not know how the new owners were going to treat their carriers.

Anyway, it was another good Texas experience for me.
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