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Originally Posted by tonelar View Post
Hi everyone,
On another forum, I heard someone saying that with a 3rd Gen G17, you could just swap barrels and shoot .357 SIG.
Now, I'm aware that this is the case with most .40 SW pistols.
Can the G17 be made to function safely with just a barrel and magazine swap? Or, would this need a slide (top end) swap as well?
More likely scenario- the poster might have been referring to a G22.
Thanks in advance!
No, a 357 sig barrel won't fit in a 9mm slide. Bigger diameter. Breach face on the 9mm is too narrow also. A top end swap would be necessary. I'd probably change out the 9mm ejector for a 40 cal also. You can put a 357 sig barrel in a 40 cal Glock.
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