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9x25 Dillon Loading Questions...

I just resized a couple brand new Starline 10mm cases for the first time with my 9x25 Dillon dies. There is a little flare and some burrs at the top of the case, and I was wondering if that's normal? It's not flared enough to seat a bullet. After I figured out the expander die I have won't work, I tried seating a 115gr XTP and it split the top of the case open.

10mm Reloading Forum

Also, I have read that most guys use a 9mm expander die to flare the cases. Is there any way to get a 9mm Lee Powder Through Expander Die to flare the cases, or will I need something like the 9mm RCBS expander die? I tried the Lee die, but the expander floats inside the die, and won't expand the case before the shoulder get's pushed too far into the die. Is there an insert I can put in the die to keep the inner piece down?

Or do I need to throw down for a Dillon expander die? I would think that for the price I paid Dillon for the 9x25 dies, an expander would be included.
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