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I got to take my newly acquired Kahr CW40 to the range twice now.
I shot a couple of hundred rounds of WWB each time and a few hollow points.
I't shot great every round, no problems whatsover, accuracy was good, recoil was no problem, all in all a great time at the range.

I did find a few things I need to work on...

The grip - After a few hundred rounds it can start to hurt a bit, the texture on the backstrap is pretty rough! It also rubs you pretty good carrying IWB.

First round - You have to use the slide release on the first round of a full mag, it even says that in the manual. I tried the "sling shot" method" and it just wouldn't work..but..on the second range trip a 100 or so round in I tried it (sling shot) and it worked like a charm, and did so perfectly for the rest of the day (15 more mags or so), maybe it's getting "broke in"?

Besides those two little things I am very happy with my little Kahr!

I did find me an extra new Kahr mag at a local pawn shop for $35, and an M-Tac holster off of here, so I am pretty happy!
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