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The only time I expect my Bug to act as a primary is when the Bug actually is a mirror image of my primary carry and I rarely do that. And when I do carry two of the same, I usually don’t carry a spare magazine, just two guns and be able to shoot with either hand. Then maybe the primary response when the weapon went ‘click’ would be to draw the other weapon.

So let's rewrite it a little bit.

I have my Glock 26 on my right side IWB FIST holster under my t-shirt and my TCP .380 on the left side, IWB appendix holster, also under the t-shirt.

If the BG is close, I mean face slapping close and my Glock goes 'click' I suspect I will jam the Glock his face and then go ape on him.

If the distance is just a bit farther and they have their gun up and about to fire, well I might just get shot before I can a) go ape, b) do a tap-rack, or c) draw a Bug. Otherwise if their gun is not up, a tap-rack is in order followed by a Banzai attack cause that TCP ain’t the most fastest gun to draw!

At more distance, say 7 yards, tap-rack and if that fails a split-s behind cover before my hide gets perforated.

The Bug would be more likely used if I have a) emptied the contents of my Glock to no avail, or b) lost my Glock. I say this cause to stand out in the open and do a bunch of emergency drills AND THEN pull a Bug is asking to be shot.

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