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I just got back from the range. ALL 40rds of 9x25 Dillon that I loaded performed flawlessly, ZERO failures. I have a chrony on the way from Midway, so I don't have any velocity data yet, but all my primers look good so far.

LWD G20L slide
LWD 6" 9x25 Dillon Barrel
Wolff Steel Guiderod & 22lb Spring
Starline brass
CCI300 primers
Blue Dot

I loaded (5) 90gr XTP's @:
13.0gr - 13.5gr - 14.0gr -14.5gr -15.0gr

I also loaded (5) 115gr XTP's @:
11.5gr - 12.0gr - 12.5gr

I plan on developing these loads atleast another .5gr each with Blue Dot. I'm also going to develop loads for these 2 bullets with Longshot and maybe 800X since I have it. I'll post up chrono data as soon as I get a chance.
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