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Anyone have problems with Magtech .308 brass? I had some reloads that I thought were too hot running through my FAL. At a big 3 gun match I had some fail to eject, would put empty case back into chamber and lock up there. I started noticing that in my reloads it was only with the Magtech brass. I actually had the rim rip off of one and get left in the chamber. So I was going to take the blame thinking my loads were too hot and thought my Lake City could just stand up to it and the softer Magtech brass wouldn't. Now I have to blame Magtech. I had factory Magtech 147 gr .308 and had the same thing happen again today! This was factory brass! I turned the gas on the rifle to full open and still had stuck cases. You would see the rim bent from trying to get extracted. So I switched to federal soft points and even closed the gas off and they ran great. I am through with Magtech. Has anyone else had any problem like this?
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