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My biggest problem with 10mm brass wear so far is the burring from the ejection process. I use Glock 20 and 29 and they seem to burr up the brass a good bit and around the 4th and 5th firing become impossible to slide into my Lee Hand priming tool. So, for me 5 times of reloading is max. I could and have continued loading the brass past 5 times but I have to use my Lee Press with the priming attachment. The shell holders on that give more room to slide things into them. But, I don't try to make a great habit of that because the brass is so beat up at this point I just know it can't be all that reliable. I use Starline brass. I don't know if there is anything I could do to soften the ejection process so I could double the lifespan of the brass. Heck, maybe I will just embrace it and load hot. Knowing they have a short lifespan anyway.
10mm follow-up shot? Just trying to stop a threat, not grind hamburger!
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