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Congrats on the FZ1! I've always liked that bike, especially with the OEM paint matched lower fairings. It's like having an R1 that's actually useful on the street! I've been waiting and waiting for a Gen III to be released, hopefully with that beautiful sounding cross-plane crank motor.

Here's some newer pics of the FZ1's big brother, with new Sargent seats, shorter screen for summer, fresh PR2's, and sliders installed...

Excuse the crappy cell phone pics... oh wait, I have an iPhone 4, and it takes really nice pics

Moto Club

Moto Club

Moto Club

HoleShot exhaust

Power Commander 5, custom tune

ASV levers

TechSpec tank panels

Sargent seats

Cee Bailey's dark smoke windscreens, both OEM size (winter) and -2 inches (summer)

OES frame sliders

150HP/100TQ at the wheel

Eventually I'll get around to upgrading the suspension, probably with RaceTech front and rear.
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