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I finally have some Longshot data for the 9x25 Dillon. I started @ 11.5gr for a 90gr XTP, since 10.0gr is Hodgdon's listed max for a .357sig 115gr JHP. I have to admit I think it was a little aggressive for a starting point, but I haven't had any pressure signs yet.

Here's what I have so far:

Sea Level, 88* F
6.02" LWD Barrel
Wolff 22# Spring
1.26 OAL
CCI300 Primers
Hodgdon Longshot
9x25 Dillon Die sized Starline Brass

11.5gr Longshot/ CCI300
Average: 1867
ES: 62

12.0gr Longshot/ CCI300
Average: 1920
ES: 18

12.5gr Longshot/ CCI300
Average: 1967
ES: 65

I am really happy with Longshot so far. With an average of 1920, and an ES of 18, who could complain? These loads are LOUD! The range I go to is outdoors, and the office is about 50yds away. The girl came out of the office to tell me to stop shooting a Rifle on the Pistol range, but got really confused when all she saw was me and my G20L.


I also loaded up the Blue Dot loads for 90gr XTP's that "Gun-adian" posted earlier this year. I worked up from 13.5gr to 15.0gr (indoors) before I had my chrony, with no pressure signs. This time I started @ 14.5gr and worked up to 15.5gr. I'm a little disapointed with my results compared to Gun-adian's, but I'm not giving up on Blue Dot. I think I'll try WLP's, and I may experiment with the OAL. The muzzle flash alone is enough to keep me coming back. Anything above 14.5gr indoors produces the biggest fireball that I have personally seen out of a handgun.

14.5gr Blue Dot/ CCI300
Average: 1824fps
ES: 44

15.0gr Blue Dot/ CCI300
Average: 1820fps
ES: 29

15.5gr Blue Dot/CCI300
Average: 1846fps
ES: 53
GEN 3 20LS/20SF/21SF/30SF/23/34/26
GEN 4 17/19/21/34/35

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