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Used G19 purchased would anyone know what type of laser system this is?

Just purchased a used 19 from a local store, I have bought many handguns from them, but this one has a add on laser that I cant find any info for. Well first it seems to be installed by a Pro, the trigger guard was drilled with 4 very small holes and the laser which is no wider then the guard and less the a quarter inch in length is bolted too. Then there's wiring threw the frame to a on/off grip depress which is solid on the grip very pro, can barely tell its there. On the bottom of the grip hole, a plug is installed with 2 very small copper holes which look likes a charger goes into. The whole thing looks great but I would love to know the manufacture? The seller stated in was a service mans pistol and possibly the company doesn't sell to the public? Please help. Thank, I will try to post some pics soon
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