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Originally Posted by whenmonkeysfly View Post
Hey Meathead,

Thanks for the data. Are you using a 90gr XTP Bullet? Still planning on using Blue Dot? As soon as it gets in the mid 80's here, I'm heading to the range! I've got 95gr Montana Gold JHP's, lots of Blue Dot, CCI 300's and CCI 350's. I'd like to get 1900fps.
Yeah, I was using the 90gr XTP's again, I edited the post to add that. I didn't get to 1900fps with Blue Dot yet, but I haven't used Mag Primers. I'll work up some loads with BD & CCI350's next time out. I also want to work up from 12.0gr-12.5gr of Longshot with CCI350's in 0.1 increments, to see if I can tighten up my ES's and groups. I'll also be loading up some 115gr XTP's to test out soon.
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